"Gepan is my go-to treatment of choice for patients with BPS/IC".

- Mr Haq, Clinical Director of Urology at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals
Mr HaqMr Haq

Relief from pain

Your abdominal pain should be relieved.

Relief from urge & frequency

You should need to pee less by day.

Better night's sleep

You should no longer need to get up to pee through the night.

Ease of use

Gepan is the easiest GAG therapy to self-instill.

Structure of a bladder

The GAG-layer is a mucous membrane inside the bladder that protects the bladder wall from irritants normally found in urine.

Gepan contains chondroitin sulphate, a natural component of the GAG-layer. Chondroitin sulphate temporarily rebuilds the essential protective layer of the bladder. By renewing the GAG layer, symptoms are relieved and as a result, your quality of life is improved.


Types of cystitis

Gepan is licensed for treatment of all types of chronic cystitis, including:

bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis
recurrent UTIs
overactive bladder
chemotherapy and radiation induced cystitis

How to use Gepan

FAQ about cystitis and Gepan

1Why are bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis and overactive bladder so difficult to diagnose?
Bladder pain syndrome (BPS)/interstitial cystitis and Overactive bladder (OAB) are diagnosed by exclusion. In other words, several other possibilities, such as urological, gynecological, and internal disorders need to be excluded first, before a diagnosis can be made. This can often take a long time. In order to make a diagnosis, the specialist conducts a partially external examination (for e.g. cystoscopy, urodynamic studies, biopsy).
2Can diet affect my bladder symptoms?
A balanced diet generally contributes to better overall health. A sufficient intake of vitamins can prevent infections, for example. Patients should give preference to lighter and healthier foods, having smaller portions, more often.
3Can Gepan be used in combination with other medications?
Yes, Gepan can be used in combination with oral drugs. Interactions with medications such as antispasmodics, analgesics and antibiotics are unknown.  Gepan is not a systemic drug, it acts only locally, directly in the bladder wall. Therefore there is no reason to believe there would be any interactions with systemic medications.
4How do I keep Gepan?
Gepan ready-to-use disposable syringes can be stored at room temperature, but not above 25°C. Do not freeze Gepan. Keep only unopened syringes and discard unused leftovers immediately.
5Will Gepan cost me anything?
Gepan is available from your urologist/gynaecologist/nursing team or bought directly from Purple Orchid Health. Gepan is usually prescribed and is fully reimbursed in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • Georgia
    I cannot thank you enough for helping me with my Gepan. Just having someone to talk to at the end of the phone and taking the time to listen to how I felt was fabulous.
  • Catherine
    You have been a life saver. Thank you for not just sending my Gepan to me when I couldn't get to the hospital but also for arranging for my catheters to be delivered straight to my door. You have been amazing and I don't know what I would have done without you.
  • Angela
    I was nervous about using a catheter and self-instilling my Gepan as I have arthritis in my hands, but after speaking with you really helped. Taking the time to talk me through how to insert my catheter and connecting my Gepan was such a massive help.
  • Susannah
    When the clinics were cancelled during the pandemic I felt I had no one to turn to for help. I knew that I didn't want to suffer the pain of having no treatment but the support I got from you when you sent me my Gepan was such a relief.