Mode of action


Effective GAG-layer replenishment

Gepan® instill adheres to damaged areas of the bladder wall the same way a liquid bandage adheres on a wound. As a result, the protective layer is restored, preventing the penetration of irritants into deeper tissue. This results in relieving symptoms such as frequent urination, strong and hard to suppress urgency, and persistent pain in the pelvic area.

Mode of action


GAG-layer-intact1. Glycosaminoglycan normally binds water, creating a hydrophilic mucous membrane, the so-called GAG-layer. In this way, irritants from the urine are not in direct contact with the bladder wall.



GAG-Layer-damaged2. A damaged GAG-layer can cause chronic bladder infection symptoms. Urine contains substances, such as potassium ions, that can irritate the tissue thus causing constant pressure, frequent urination and persistent pain.



GAG-Layer replenished3. Gepan® instill contains a highly purified and specially prepared chondroitin sulfate, a major component of the GAG-layer. It replenishes the protective layer, protects the bladder wall, thus relieving the characteristic symptoms of chronic cystitis that respectively occur. Gepan® instill is an effective, temporary addition to the GAG-layer of the bladder.


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