With the aid of a catheter, the ready-to-use solution is inserted into a pre-emptied bladder and it replishes the GAG-layer locally, where needed. For proper effect, you must hold Gepan® instill at least half an hour in the bladder.

How often and how long Gepan® instill should be used depends on the severity of your symptoms. As an initial therapy 4-6 treatments with a one week interval have proved effective.

Based on your needs, your doctor may subsequently proceed to a treatment of one application per month. Gepan® instill, due to its local action, is generally very well tolerated without any side effects.

Read more about using Gepan® instill for chronic forms of cystitis and bladder inflammations.

Treatment regime – administration of Gepan® instill

Start of treatment


Depending on severity, one instillation per week for 4-6 weeks

Maintenance treatment


One instillation per month


Self-instillation with Gepan® instill should be only done with the support of your doctor. Here you can download a self-instillation guide that is meant to support the information and instruction of your doctor and to aid you in the process of self-catheterisation.

The course of treatment follows a specific plan which your doctor will inform you about.

Download Female Self-Instillation Guide
Download Male Self-Instillation Guide