gepan-instill-treatmentGepan® instill is a particularly beneficial and effective treatment option against chronic forms of urinary tract inflammation, as overwhelming positive feedback from doctors and patients go to show.

Gepan® instill can improve your quality of life by noticeably relieving your symptoms:

  • You should need to use the toilet less by day.
  • You should no longer need to get up many times at night – you should be able to sleep better and feel rested the next day.
  • The constant feeling of pressure should be alleviated.
  • Your abdominal pain should be relieved.

Gepan® instill can also improve the quality of life by providing patient independence – learn more about self-instillation…

Interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder, radiation cystitis or chronic recurrent urinary tract infections – the symptoms of these disorders often have a common characteristic: the protective layer of the bladder wall (glycosaminoglycan layer or GAG-layer) is damaged. The GAG-layer is a mucous membrane inside the bladder that protects the bladder wall from irritants that are normally found in urine. When this protective layer is not intact, such as in patients with interstitial cystitis, certain substances from the urine can irritate the lining of the bladder, causing the following symptoms: a strong and hard to suppress urgency, frequent urination and persistent pain in the pelvic area. Gepan® instill contains chondroitin sulfate, a natural component of the GAG-layer. This temporarily rebuilds the essential protective layer of the bladder. Easing these symptoms results in an improved quality of life.

Read more about the application and mode of action of Gepan® instill.

Talk to your your doctor about Gepan® instill treatment. Gepan® instill is suitable for children above the age of 12.


Gepan® instill is a pH neutral, sterile solution, containing chondroitin sulfate (0.2%), a natural component of the protective layer of the bladder.