Improve Your Wellbeing

wellbeingThere are other ways to improve your wellbeing, distract yourself from the constant suffering and make it easier to cope with outbursts of pain. Read some of our tips below.

Find distractions

Try to distract yourself from the next toilet trip. Keep busy: make phone calls, surf the internet, read, solve some sudokus, daydream about the next vacation. Thinking about something nice can help.

Learn how to relax

Nowadays there is a wide range of interesting relaxation options, such as autogenic training, yoga, tai-chi, qigong and meditation. Try the different options and find out what works best for you.


If you are feeling tired – and you have the opportunity – take a power-nap (10-20 minutes).

Share your experiences with other patients. If you have any tips or suggestions feel free to send them to us. We would gladly include them. Thank you for your help.