Patient independence

Patient independenceFor chronic patients, maintaining quality of life is not a preferred option – it should be one of the main priorities when determining the appropriate therapeutic regimen. Patients with chronic bladder conditions are often dependent on medical personnel for therapy administration, spending a significant portion of their life in a hospital or a clinic. In order to change this and allow patients to live a more fulfilling life independent of medical facilities, NICE guidelines published in 2012 include a section on Patient independence, stating:

Give patients using adult NHS services the support they need to maintain their independence as far as possible.

When patients in hospital are taking medicines for long-term conditions, assess and discuss with them whether they are able and would prefer to manage these medicines themselves.

Gepan® instill allows the patient to apply their medication without assistance from medical personnel, in comfort of their own home. Self-instillation should initially be instructed by a nurse or a doctor, according to the specific therapeutic plan.

Gepan® instill can be purchased through the Purple Orchid Pharma webshop and is available on prescription.

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