Medical Conditions

Dear Patient,

  • Do you suffer from frequent urgency which is difficult to suppress?
  • Do you often feel the need to go to the toilet – even several times a night?
  • Do you have severe persistent pain in your lower abdomen?
  • Does this seriously impair your quality of life?

If the answer to one or more questions is yes, you may have chronic inflammation of the bladder – doctors talk about chronic forms of cystitis.

Chronic forms of bladder inflammation are characterised by the following symptoms:

Frequent urination

An average person visits the toilet around 7 times a day. Patients with chronic bladder inflammation (cystitis) need to urinate significantly more – in severe cases this can be up to 60 times during the day and up to 40 times during the night. The thought of the next toilet trip often determines their entire schedule and robs them of joy in life.

Strong urgency, often difficult to suppress

A need to instantly find a toilet: this feeling of constant pressure is often accompanied by fear of not being able to get there in time.

Persistent pain in the pelvic region

The pain as a sharp, cutting one. It is often continual and variable in strength. Sometimes the pain intensifies when emptying the bladder and during sexual intercourse.

How does chronic cystitis develop?

medical-conditionsA healthy bladder has an inner lining formed of a fine mucous protective layer that stops irritant substances in the urine from reaching the bladder wall. In chronic forms of cystitis this protective lining, known as the glycosaminoglycan layer (GAG-layer), becomes damaged, so it fails to act as a protective barrier for the bladder wall.

Subsequently, symptoms such as urgency, frequency and pain develop, and this can seriously impair one’s quality of life.

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